Quiet Sphere is my bubble of calm away from the cacophony of the world.  

Emotion and Expression

I express myself most easily through music. When I play an instrument I am swept up in the moment. My spirit swirls to the surface. From the complexities of my inner self pours out the song, a spontaneous improvisation, bubbling up from deep within. The process is cathartic. I unknot turmoil with notes. It sheds light on thoughts and feelings hidden in my subconscious, allowing me to analyze and understand myself better. It also allows me to process memories and provide a voice to past experiences. It is a road to inner peace.

Drawing Inspiration

Nature inspires me. A simple walk in the woods to hear a squirrel chatter, a distant knock of a woodpecker or the swish of a breeze high up in the trees could all be seeds for a song. What would a fungus say? Or the soil? I imagine what it would be like to be these things: how it would grow , what it would see, how it would perceive time. Then, from this perspective at the piano, I allow the notes to flow.  I love listening to music and countless artists have influenced my sound. I love Celtic, contemporary instrumental, classical (instrumental, orchestral, choral and operatic), African, Jewish, Middle Eastern and most recently Indian music.

Sharing my Music

The spontaneous improvisation of my music does not suit the modern processed studio sound. I am also incredibly uncomfortable sharing this creative process with an audience as my music is so personal. Instead, the nearest reproduction is sharing a virtual live performance. What I create is not a heavily edited or programmed music file, but what I hope is the closest equivalent to listening to me play in person. I hope you can relax in the Quiet Sphere of my studio and enjoy a moment of tranquility.

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